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Hello everyone


Hi everyone. I am so glad to be here sharing creative things, ideas, methods, resources and stuff that inspires me and helps me fuel my creativity. I would try and be regular sharing some really cool and inspirational stuff with you guys. I have always led a life that has always been fueled by creativity. I love all forms of art,…...

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What makes a great logo


The logo is a very powerful asset to the client’s brand. It gives the first impression of what a brand is all about. Therefore its design is extremely important for a brand to sell in the market. The five essential elements of effective logo design are: SIMPLE A simple logo is eye catching and stays in mind for ever. It is designed with…...

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2016 Logo Design Trends & Inspiration


Based on the official 2016 logo trends report as compiled by Bill Gardner of LogoLounge, and the article from Jacob Cass, I am sharing brief overview of the ongoing logo trends for 2016. Logo Trends of 2016 Summary Simplification overall is a key trend Uncomplicated san serif fonts are in and out are added details (gradients, serifs, etc) Geometric shapes, especially the…...

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The inspiring doodler- Kerby Rosanes


It has been quite a while, I have been following Kerby Rosanes, for I love his doodles. He is an absolutely amazing artist and illustrator. The spontaneity of his drawings is truly inspiring. I would like to share a few of his works with you here. He is a Filipino illustrator who works with a simple pen and a piece paper.…...

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What are the qualities of a great designer


As a designer myself, I always intend to improvise myself and bring out the best in me. Unlike Art, Design is meant for a specific purpose, a defined audience and needs to serve as a visual solution to a given problem. While exploring the best qualities of a great designer, I came across this really nice article by Will Gibson…...

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