Creativity gives the wings; to reach the unreachable, To see beyond the visible; to think beyond the obvious 

Creativeme. It started as a vision. A platform that pulls out the innate creativity of people we work with. Clients, collaborators, students and adults that attend our workshops. The studio is a humble place overlooking the Noida skyline. We are a cornucopia of colour and creativity, so any day that you walk into the  studio, your senses might be assaulted with dripping paint or scattered brand building workflows any and everywhere. You’ve been warned 🙂

Communication Design at Creative me is all about strategic Design developments to link the gap between the Brands and their clientele. Communication wizardry rather. What moves us? An insatiable hunger for coming up with new visual languages and concepts. We research, rebel and come up with novel outcomes that are not only a representation of who you are as a brand but also how your brand identity communicates with the people you want to. Every project is special to us. Wether its creating identities, building intuitive UI and UX spaces or donning our arty hats to create mad works of art and illustration; we do it all.

Madhuri is a creative professional who brings over a decade’s worth of experience to the table having worked in ad agencies, web based agencies and an animation production house. She has also forayed into Independent design work for clients all over the world. An artist at heart but fiercely focussed as a disciplined designer, she easily shuffles between creating Brand identities to art direction, designing a website or packaging for a product, illustrating a book to creating strategy driven content for Social Media.

Now, apart from being a super mom having started her own studio with a team of Designers and artists, creators and vandals; she is ready to stretch her creative limits by sallying into creative workshops and collaborating with other artists and illustrators to form an inspiring and enterprising platform.

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Create visual concepts, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers.


Create a unique and consistent visual brand Identity for a business that connects with the tagret audience.


Create ads, posters, banners, brochures, catalogs, flyers or hoardings for mass media advertising.


Creating aesthetic and captivating interfaces for web and mobile based on functionality and usability.


Art is my means to let myself free. I do it for my own happiness, but sometimes I take up commissioned work for creating portraits etc.


Its the art of story telling. Depicting an idea, a concept or process through simple yet engaging drawings or visuals.